Palm Beach Gardens Car Accident Statistics

Approximately 4% of Palm Beach County’s population lives in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. This small community of about 60,000 residents also has about 4% of the county’s car accidents. 

Drivers in Palm Beach Gardens don’t have any greater risk of having an accident than drivers elsewhere in the county, but that doesn’t mean Palm Beach Gardens is a safe place to drive. 

Palm Beach County is the tenth deadliest county for drivers in the United States. The county has a higher fatality rate than counties with worse reputations for car accidents and congestion, like Miami-Dade County or Los Angeles County. The lawyers at Kibbey Wagner Injury & Car Accident Lawyers are always available to discuss your case. Just contact our law offices in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, to schedule a free consultation today at (561) 944-4000.

A Look at Car Accident Statistics: How Many Car Accidents Happen in Palm Beach Gardens, FL?

A Look at Palm Beach Gardens Car Accident Statistics: How Many Car Accidents Happen in Palm Beach Gardens?

Palm Beach County had 24,793 crashes in 2022, according to the Florida Crash Dashboard. These accidents caused 215 fatal injuries and 15,157 non-fatal injuries, which gave the county a fatality rate of 14.5 deaths per 100,000 residents.

Palm Beach Gardens does not give exact crash numbers within the city, but it does release information about the number of people involved in crashes in the city.

In 2022, 1,812 people were involved in traffic accidents, according to the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard. Three people died and 13 suffered serious injuries. The remaining accident victims might have suffered minor injuries or been in fender benders that caused no injuries.

From these numbers, you can infer that Palm Beach Gardens had roughly 1,050 crashes. This estimate comes from Florida’s average of 1.7 people involved in each crash, according to the 2021 Florida Crash Facts report.

Car Crash Statistics for Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Although Palm Beach Gardens did not release the total number of crashes in the city, it released a lot of data about the crashes that caused injuries and deaths. Based on this information, you can learn a lot about the most damaging crashes in the area.

Some Palm Beach Gardens car accident statistics about injury and fatal crashes include the following:

The city’s 2022 injury accident numbers were roughly flat compared to 2021. But this statistic failed to reverse a recent upward trend in the city’s crash totals. Crashes in Palm Beach Gardens hit an eight-year low in 2019, according to the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard.

Since then, the number of injury crashes in the city has trended upward, increasing by nearly 78% since 2019.

Timing of Accidents

One-third of injury crashes in 2022 happened on Friday or Saturday. In many places, weekend crashes happen because of intoxicated or driving under the influence drivers. But in Palm Beach Gardens, intoxicated driving crashes are relatively rare.

Instead, these crashes might reflect one of the biggest issues in Palm Beach Gardens. Drivers over the age of 64 were involved in 50% of injury accidents in Palm Beach Gardens. These drivers often have health difficulties that can interfere with their ability to drive safely, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Dementia
  • Muscle weakness
  • Poor eyesight and hearing
  • Prescription medication use

When senior drivers hit the road on weekend evenings, these problems can get amplified. Darkness and alcohol will interfere with anyone’s driving ability, and seniors might feel the effects more than younger drivers.

Causes of Crashes

At least one-third of injury crashes in Palm Beach Gardens were caused by speeding or aggressive driving. These drivers often:

  • Tailgate
  • Make unsafe lane changes
  • Fail to yield to pedestrians

Another third of injury crashes in Palm Beach Gardens resulted from distracted driving. Distractions take your eyes, hands, and mind away from driving. They prevent you from spotting and reacting to traffic conditions.

Locations of Car Accidents

Almost 44% of injury crashes in Palm Beach Gardens occurred at intersections. Intersection crashes far exceeded the number of accidents that happened on roadways or in parking lots.

According to the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard, some of the most dangerous intersections in Palm Beach Gardens include:

  • FL-786/PGA Boulevard and US-1
  • Northlake Boulevard and Sunrise Drive
  • Interchange of FL-786/PGA Boulevard and FL-811/FL-A1A

Intersection crashes often happen when drivers fail to yield the right of way. These crashes may involve an angle or side impact that might result in serious neck and back injuries.

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