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For years, the aggressive attorneys at our law firm have been defending the rights of the accused in Stuart, Florida.

Barbara Kibbey is an accomplished lawyer who was once given the Best Advocate award for her impressive trial skills. Jordan R. Wagner formerly worked as a prosecutor, so he has a deep understanding of how the prosecution will build a case against you.

Other top law firms may not be interested in taking cases that are seemingly unwinnable, but our award-winning attorneys aren’t scared of a challenge. To learn more about our team, feel free to look at our client reviews posted right here on our website. Let an honest attorney review your case during a free consultation.

There are countless crimes that you can be accused of committing in the state of Florida, including:

The penalties for committing a crime in this state will vary depending on the misdemeanor charges or felony charges you face. They may include jail time, fines, community service and probation. In addition to these penalties, you may face consequences in your personal and professional life if you are convicted.

Some criminal charges are less serious than others, but no criminal charge should ever be taken lightly.

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