Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie sees a lot of traffic accidents. In fact, it has about 38% more traffic accidents than it should for its share of Florida’s population. A recent population boom in Port St. Lucie and a recovery in tourism across the state have led to massive traffic congestion in the city.

Speeding, poor road design, traffic congestion, and rainy weather combine to make some highways, roads, and intersections more dangerous than others. 

Our Port. St. Lucie car accident lawyers have put together a list of the most dangerous roads/intersections in Port St. Lucie, FL. Call (772) 247-3374 today to schedule a free initial consultation.

How Kibbey Wagner Injury & Car Accident Lawyers Stuart Can Help After an Accident in Port St. Lucie

How Kibbey Wagner Injury & Car Accident Lawyers Stuart Can Help After an Accident in Port St. Lucie

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How Common Are Accidents on the Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Port St. Lucie, FL?

According to the Florida Traffic Safety Dashboard, Port St. Lucie had over 5,500 traffic accidents in 2021. The city has about 1.0% of Florida’s population but nearly 1.4% of its total traffic accidents.

This might not seem like much, but it means the city has roughly 1,500 more accidents every year than it should have based on its share of the population.

In Port St. Lucie:

  • 48% of traffic accidents happen at intersections:
  • 33% happen on roads and highways away from intersections
  • 19% happen elsewhere, such as parking lots or off-road areas

Overall, 81% of Port St. Lucie’s accidents (about 4,483 crashes) happen on roads and at intersections.

Overview of the Most Dangerous Roads/Intersections in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Traffic accidents happen all across Port St. Lucie. But over time, traffic safety data shows clusters in certain areas. 

These clusters can result from:

  • Speed limits that are too high
  • Traffic congestion
  • Poor road design
  • Improperly timed traffic signals
  • Road crossings that expose pedestrians and cyclists to road dangers

These clusters of accidents can help road designers identify and reduce dangers posed by driver behaviors. For example, drivers are likely to try to beat traffic lights if a road has a fast speed limit.

Dangerous Intersections in Port St. Lucie

Intersection accidents happen for a few specific reasons, such as:

  • Failure to yield the right-of-way to other cars or pedestrians
  • Improper left turn across an oncoming vehicle’s path
  • Improper left or right turn into a pedestrian in the crosswalk
  • Improper right turn into the path of an oncoming vehicle

Liability for these accidents falls on the driver who proceeded into or through the intersection without ensuring it was clear.

Intersection accidents cause more fatal injuries than road accidents. Drivers tend to cause angle or side-impact accidents at intersections, forcing vehicle occupants in a direction where their seat belts and airbags can’t protect them. As a result, victims of these accidents can suffer severe neck, back, and head injuries.

Most pedestrian accidents happen at intersections. When pedestrians are hit by cars, they suffer injuries both in the primary impact of the car and in the secondary impact of hitting the road and sliding across its surface.

On the Traffic Safety Dashboard, some locations where these intersection accidents tend to cluster include:

  • US-1 and FL-716/Port St. Lucie Blvd.
  • US-1 and Walton Rd.
  • Bayshore Blvd. and St. Lucie West Blvd.
  • Gatlin Blvd. and Rosser Blvd.

According to the Traffic Safety Dashboard, these intersections are some of the busiest in Port St. Lucie, particularly between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. when accidents peak.

Dangerous Roads and Highways in Port St. Lucie

Roadway accidents usually happen due to:

Liability for these accidents usually falls on drivers who carelessly come too close to other vehicles.

The most common type of roadway collision is a rear-end collision. Rear-end crashes can cause whiplash injuries to the neck and back. They can also cause concussions as the collision jostles the brain.

Based on data from the traffic safety dashboard, the most dangerous roads in Port St. Lucie include:

  • I-95, particularly at St. Lucie West Blvd. and south of Crosstown Pkwy.
  • FL-716/Port St. Lucie Blvd.
  • Florida’s Turnpike south of Port St. Lucie Blvd.
  • St. Lucie West Blvd. between I-95 and Bayshore Blvd.

Traffic congestion increases the risk of a roadway accident, and these roads and highways see some of the heaviest traffic in the city.

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