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Were you or a loved one injured in a car accident involving a distracted driver in Port St. Lucie, FL? Distracted driving is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents in Florida. An experienced Port St. Lucie distracted driving accident lawyer at Kibbey Wagner, PLLC can help you fight to recover fair compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Since we established our personal injury law firm in 2014, we’ve recovered over $60 million in settlements and verdicts. Collectively, we have over 40 years of experience handling personal injury cases.

If you were injured, contact our law offices in Port St. Lucie, Florida to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer who can help you prove your case. Call us today at (772) 247-3374.

How Kibbey Wagner, PLLC Can Help After a Distracted Driving Accident in Port St. Lucie, FL

How Kibbey Wagner, PLLC Can Help After a Distracted Driving Accident in Port St. Lucie

A distracted driver can change your life in the blink of an eye. While we all understand the dangers of distracted driving, you shouldn’t expect the at-fault party to simply stand up and take responsibility. Our Port St. Lucie car accident lawyers at Kibbey Wagner, PLLC are ready to help you fight for fair compensation. 

One of our founding attorneys is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law and is a former insurance defense lawyer who knows how the other side thinks. We’ve also been recognized by the Florida Bar as an expert in civil personal injury law and earned a “Superb” rating on Avvo.

Hiring us means you’ll gain an advocate to:

  • Provide sound guidance and help you navigate the legal system
  • Gather evidence to prove that a distracted driver caused your crash
  • Evaluate your damages and assess your case value
  • Work with specialists who can help prove your case
  • Handle all insurance negotiations and paperwork so you can rest and recover

It never hurts to have an experienced attorney in your corner. To learn more about how our Port St. Lucie personal injury attorneys will work for you, give us a call today.

How Common Are Distracted Driving Accidents in Port St. Lucie, Florida?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3,142 Americans lost their lives in distracted driving accidents in 2020.

Unfortunately, distracted drivers make Florida a particularly dangerous place to drive. A study found that Florida is the second worst state in the nation when it comes to distracted driving accidents.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, (FLHSMV), 56,736 distracted driving accidents were reported in 2021. 346 people were killed in those accidents. Another 2,729 victims suffered serious bodily injuries because of distracted drivers.

Texting while driving has been illegal in the state of Florida since 2019. By July of 2020, Florida law enforcement officials had already issued almost 4,000 citations to drivers who violated the law.

What is My Distracted Driving Accident Case Worth in Port St. Lucie, FL?

Our lawyers must review your case carefully before we can accurately estimate your case value. That said, some factors are relevant in every car accident case.

When determining how much your personal injury case is worth, we’ll consider:

  • The nature and severity of your injuries
  • The cost of your medical care
  • Your future medical needs
  • Whether you lose income during recovery
  • How the injury impacts your future work prospects, education, and lifestyle
  • The pain and suffering caused by the accident
  • Whether you contributed to the accident
  • The amount of personal injury protection coverage available

An experienced car accident lawyer can help prove your case value. Our legal team has years of experience handling car accident claims. Just give us a call to get started today.

What Types of Damages Are Available To Distracted Driving Accident Victims in Florida?

In a successful personal injury case, you can recover compensatory damages for your economic losses and non-economic losses. You will have to identify the exact losses that you suffered in order to receive fair compensation.

Some examples of the types of damages accident victims are often entitled to receive include:

Our lawyers are here to help you pursue full compensation if you were injured in a car accident in Port St. Lucie. After a car crash, don’t waste time. Instead, call our lawyers for a free case evaluation.

Can I Recover Damages If I’m Being Blamed for a Distracted Driving Accident in Port St. Lucie, Florida?

Florida uses a modified comparative fault system in cases where multiple parties share responsibility for the same accident. Liability is divided between all parties who are partly responsible for the crash. Each party is then responsible for their own share of fault.

Even if the other driver was distracted, you may be assigned partial responsibility. If that’s the case, your settlement or verdict will be reduced to account for your share of the blame. While you won’t lose your right to damages unless you’re mostly at fault, it’s still important to consult an experienced lawyer if you’re being blamed for an accident.

We’ll Fight To Recover Compensation for All of Your Distracted Driving Accident Injuries

At Kibbey Wagner, PLLC, our attorneys often represent clients who have suffered:

Whether your injuries will heal completely or change your life forever, it’s always a good idea to consult an experienced lawyer to learn more about your options.

We can also help you get compensation for other car accident cases:

What Causes Most Distracted Driving Accidents in Port St. Lucie, Florida?

There are three primary types of distracted driving:

  • Manual distractions, where the driver takes their hands off the wheel
  • Visual distractions, where drivers take their eyes off the road
  • Cognitive distractions, where drivers simply aren’t paying attention to the road

Sending a text message is especially dangerous because it involves all three types of distracted driving:

  • Drivers take their hands off the wheel to type the message
  • Drivers must look at their phones to type the message
  • Drivers are thinking about the contents of the message rather than the act of driving

While cell phone use is dangerous, it isn’t the only reason drivers become distracted and cause accidents.

Some of the most common causes of distracted driving accidents include:

  • Using the vehicle entertainment system
  • Using GPS devices or Google maps
  • Eating or drinking 
  • Talking to passengers
  • Soothing an upset child
  • Reaching for an object in the vehicle
  • Daydreaming 
  • Thinking about work
  • Applying makeup or grooming
  • Smoking 
  • Distractions caused by alcohol or drug use behind the wheel
  • Paying attention to buildings or other vehicles

Drivers need time to react to road conditions in order to prevent accidents. When drivers are distracted, there often isn’t enough time to avoid an accident.

If you or a family member were involved in a distracted driving accident, our lawyers in Port St. Lucie are here to help. Contact Kibbey Wagner, PLLC to learn more about your legal rights and options today.

How Do I Prove Negligence After a Distracted Driving Accident in Florida? 

Drivers are required to exercise reasonable caution when they get behind the wheel. That means they’re required to pay attention to road conditions to keep others safe. A driver who is distracted is also a negligent driver.

Proving negligence means establishing:

  • A legal duty of care
  • A breach of duty (driving while distracted)
  • The driver’s distraction is what caused the accident
  • The damages you sustained as a result

Accident victims and police often suspect that a driver was distracted. It isn’t always easy to prove it to insurance companies. Our Port St. Lucie distracted driving accident attorneys have years of experience investigating these types of cases. 

We’ll search for the evidence you need, including:

  • Any video surveillance footage that captures the driver’s behavior
  • Evidence from the accident scene, including vehicle placement and damage
  • Statements from eyewitnesses
  • The driver’s cell phone records
  • Police reports and citations
  • Opinions of accident reconstruction specialists

Our Port St. Lucie car accident lawyers are here to help you build the strongest case possible. Just give us a call to discuss your case today.

How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit After a Distracted Driving Accident in Florida?

In most auto accident cases, the statute of limitations is two years in Florida. If you fail to file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the accident, you lose your right to seek compensation entirely. There may be exceptions, but you shouldn’t delay your claim.

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When drivers don’t pay attention, they make the roads more dangerous for everyone. If you were injured in a crash involving a distracted driver, contact Kibbey Wagner, PLLC today. A Port St. Lucie distracted driving accident lawyer can help you fight for the maximum compensation available.

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