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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious crime in the state of Florida. If convicted, you may face jail time, monetary fines, community service, probation, license revocation, and other penalties. But fortunately, there are ways to defend yourself against these charges and avoid these serious penalties.

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“Jordan Wagner and his staff are very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable from the start. They all work hard for you & always honest and up front. Easy to talk with and help you understand the process. I highly recommend Jordan Wagner and his firm. He is and he will remain my attorney. No need to search elsewhere. They are truly the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of being on my side.” – Karen Newton

What Can A DUI Lawyer Do For You?

What Can A DUI Lawyer Do For You?

Are DUI attorneys worth it or should you handle a DUI without a lawyer? Ask anyone in the legal field, and they will tell you that it is always recommended that you work with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

A DUI lawyer can protect your rights beginning the moment that you are arrested and taken into custody. Lawyers may also be able to poke holes in the investigation and have your charges reduced or dismissed.

A criminal defense lawyer will act as your advocate throughout the legal process and help you make a series of tough decisions that could impact your future. To put it simply, having a DUI attorney by your side is the best way to protect your freedom and future.

How Much Do DUI Attorneys Cost?

One of the first questions that clients ask during our consultations is “How much are a DUI attorney’s fees?” The cost of a DUI attorney will vary, so this question can be difficult to answer. In general, an attorney will either charge an hourly rate or a flat fee to DUI defendants.

If you are charged a flat fee, the attorney will ask you to pay the entire fee at once or make several small payments throughout the case. If the attorney bills you by the hour, the amount you pay will depend on the complexity of your case. The more complex it is, the more time your attorney will have to spend on it.

It’s important to discuss this topic prior to hiring an attorney, so you know exactly what you should expect to be charged.

The Difference Between DUI Attorneys Vs. Public Defenders

Those who are charged with driving under the influence may be appointed a public defender in the event that they cannot afford to hire a private criminal defense attorney. But it’s important to understand the differences between working with a private DUI attorney and a public defender.

Public defenders are often asked to take on more cases than they can handle, which means they will not have much time to spend with you regarding your case. They may also be eager to wrap up your case by agreeing to a plea deal, which is not always in your best interests.

Public defenders will continue to get a paycheck regardless of the outcome of your case. However, a criminal defense attorney knows he has to achieve results in order to maintain his reputation and continue to get clients. Therefore, a criminal defense attorney may be more personally invested in helping you.

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