Skilled Attorneys Fighting Assault And Battery Charges In Martin County

If you have been charged with domestic violence in the Stuart area – or anywhere in Florida’s Treasure Coast region – it is imperative for you to consult an experienced Stuart domestic violence defense attorney as soon as possible.

At Kibbey | Wagner, we are experienced criminal defense attorneys who have effectively defended scores of clients charged with crimes of domestic violence. We are also former prosecutors, so we know the criminal justice system from both sides, and we are ready to put our considerable legal knowledge and experience to work on your behalf.

A domestic violence accusation can genuinely ruin your life. If you are involved in a contentious divorce, a child custody dispute, or a relationship breakup with an emotional partner, it’s possible that you’ve been wrongly charged. If so, you should understand that a domestic violence charge is not an automatic conviction.

Sometimes, domestic abuse accusations are exaggerations or even fabrications created out of jealousy, hostility or revenge. Self-defense and defense of personal property can also be successful defenses in domestic violence cases.

How Should You Deal With A Domestic Violence Accusation?

How Should You Deal With A Domestic Violence Accusation?

However, if you are innocent, a charge of domestic violence must be forcefully challenged with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. A domestic violence accusation is a reflection of your character. Your job, family, friendships, and future – and in some cases, your freedom – will be at stake.

A conviction on a domestic violence charge in Florida could mean fines, probation, community service, and hours in counseling or anger management sessions. You’ll lose the esteem of neighbors, colleagues, and friends. For the most serious domestic violence charges, jail is a real possibility upon conviction.

A successful defense against a domestic violence charge in Florida requires the skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney. In the Stuart area and across the Treasure Coast region, if you face any charge of domestic violence, let a top domestic violence defense attorney at Kibbey | Wagner help. The award-winning legal team has successfully represented scores of clients who have faced domestic violence charges.

How Can A Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Help?

When you bring a domestic violence case to Kibbey | Wagner, an experienced criminal defense attorney will examine the evidence and the details of the charge against you. Your attorney will provide a powerful, vigorous defense if you are accused of domestic violence or related charges such as assault, battery, harassment, or the violation of a restraining order.

Domestic violence laws in Florida are confusing, complicated, and sometimes outright baffling. Don’t try to “go it alone.” Domestic violence defendants are inevitably going to need an attorney’s help.

An experienced defense lawyer at Kibbey | Wagner will uncover the facts of a domestic violence case and deliver an articulate, effective defense while consistently defending your rights and working toward the best possible end result.

Don’t take any risks with your future and your freedom. If you are charged with a crime of domestic violence, call Kibbey | Wagner immediately at 772-444-7000 for a free legal consultation with an experienced Stuart criminal defense attorney.