Reputable Legal Help For Violations Of Probation

The Florida justice system takes probation violations very seriously. It will impose serious penalties on anyone it determines has violated the terms of their probation.

Fortunately, our criminal defense attorneys can assist you.

Our firm, Kibbey | Wagner, has earned a reputation for the positive results we achieve for our clients. If you live in the Stuart metro area and feel concerned about the impact that a probation violation could have on your life, get in touch with our lawyers today.

What Are The Consequences Of A VOP?

A violation of probation, or VOP, can derail the positive steps you have made following your initial conviction. Some of the penalties might include:

  • Arrest and detention
  • Stricter terms added to your probation
  • A longer period of probation
  • Revocation of your probation
  • Jail or prison time for the maximum amount of time allowed for the crime you were charged with
What Are The Consequences Of A VOP?

Sometimes, we find that clients have violated their probation by accident. Whether your VOP is the result of a mistake or a decision you regret, we will work tenaciously to shield you from the negative consequences and get you back on track.

Why Rely On Us?

When so much is at stake, why place your trust in Kibbey | Wagner? Our strength lies with our team members:

  • Jordan R. Wagner is a former prosecutor who knows the strategies that the state uses to get convictions.
  • Barbara Kibbey received the Best Advocate award for her skill as a trial attorney and had been nominated for Super Lawyers the past four years.

You will have a premier team of criminal defense litigators on your side who are ready to fight aggressively to get favorable results.

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