Experienced Attorneys Defending Felony Charges In Martin County

Almost every adult understands that felonies are the most serious crimes, and misdemeanors are generally considered less serious. A felony conviction in Florida can send a defendant to prison, sometimes for years.

In the Stuart area – or anywhere in Florida’s Treasure Coast region – when your future and freedom are at stake because of a felony charge, you must be represented by a top defense attorney – someone who will fight aggressively for justice on your behalf.

The law firm of Kibbey | Wagner can help. Our experienced felony defense attorneys represent clients charged with felonies by:

  • Negotiating for a lower charge or a dismissal of the charge
  • Seeking to have the charge dismissed on constitutional or other legal grounds
  • Crafting an effective defense and fighting for justice in a courtroom trial

Felony prosecutions in the state of Florida are usually far more legally complicated than misdemeanor cases. If you are charged with a felony in this state, your attorney will probably conduct an extensive investigation, question a number of potential witnesses, examine the pertinent documents and other physical evidence, and negotiate at length with the prosecutor for a reduction or dismissal of the felony charge.

How Will An Attorney Defend You Against A Felony Charge?

How Will An Attorney Defend You Against A Felony Charge?

What are the defenses that our attorneys at Kibbey | Wagner might offer on a felony defendant’s behalf? If your rights were violated by the police in any way during the investigation, arrest or during the time you were in custody, your attorney can argue that the evidence against you was gathered illegally and that the charge against you should be dropped.

In some cases, a defendant has been misidentified, and another person actually committed the felony. In other cases, no crime actually took place. Your attorney will determine the best defense strategy in your own felony case after assessing the facts and details in the case.

Self-defense, entrapment or the “lack of capacity” to form criminal intent may also be offered as defenses depending on the nature of the particular case.

Why Should You Choose Kibbey | Wagner

It’s an absolute certainty that a felony conviction in Florida will have a harsh, negative impact on the offender’s life, freedom and future.

Thus, if you are charged with one or more felonies in Stuart or elsewhere in the Treasure Coast region, you must contact a knowledgeable felony defense attorney immediately. Our legal team at Kibbey | Wagner is ready to represent you.

Do Not Take Chances With Your Freedom

A top felony attorney at Kibbey | Wagner will provide you with a strong, aggressive defense. No two felony cases are alike, but Kibbey | Wagner’s legal team always fights for the best possible conclusion to a client’s felony case. We will explain your situation, your legal rights and the potential outcomes of the case.

We work with you to determine the best possible legal defense and the wisest course of legal action. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney, call Kibbey | Wagner at 772-444-7000 if you are facing any felony charge in the Treasure Coast region.