Skilled Defense Lawyers Fighting Misdemeanor Charges In Martin County

Being charged with a crime – being handcuffed and stuffed into a police car, being searched, booked, and put in a cell – can be scary, even when the crime you are accused of committing is “only” a misdemeanor.

Misdemeanors may be considered “lesser” criminal charges, but a misdemeanor conviction can still result in substantial fines and can send you to jail for as long as a year if you are convicted.

Thus, if you’re charged with a misdemeanor in or near Stuart, you must contact – as quickly as possible – an experienced criminal defense attorney at the law firm of Kibbey | Wagner.

The state of Florida recognizes two “degrees” of misdemeanor offenses. First-degree misdemeanors are the most serious. The potential sentence for a first-degree misdemeanor conviction is a year in county jail and a $1,000 fine.

Convictions for second-degree misdemeanors can be punished by up to 60 days in jail and a fine of up to $500. A misdemeanor conviction also creates a “criminal record” that can follow you for years after the conviction.

What Are The ‘Other’ Penalties For A Misdemeanor Conviction?

What Are The ‘Other’ Penalties For A Misdemeanor Conviction?

Along with the formal legal penalties, a misdemeanor conviction will also involve “extralegal” penalties. Any criminal conviction could conceivably lead to the loss of your job and to problems finding work in the future.

There’s usually a community service requirement with a misdemeanor conviction, and any criminal conviction could cause someone to lose a professional license or a scholarship. If you are an immigrant, a conviction for some misdemeanors could put you at risk for deportation.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you might consider trying to “go it alone.” Don’t. Don’t even think about trying to act as your own attorney. Too much is at risk, and in the 21st century, criminal law has become far too complicated for the average person to represent himself or herself.

Instead, if you’re facing a misdemeanor charge in the Stuart area or anywhere in the Treasure Coast region, reach out to an experienced Stuart misdemeanor defense attorney at the law firm of Kibbey | Wagner. Our award-winning legal team routinely represents misdemeanor defendants.

How Can A Misdemeanor Defense Attorney Help?

A knowledgeable misdemeanor defense lawyer at Kibbey | Wagner will conduct an investigation of the charge or charges against you, interrogate potential witnesses, examine the state’s evidence against you, and negotiate with the prosecutor for a dismissal or a reduction of the misdemeanor charge.

Based on the circumstances of your case, our legal team will either advise you to stand firm and take the case to trial or seek a plea deal that may let you avoid a conviction or a jail term.

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No two misdemeanor cases are alike, but Kibbey | Wagner’s legal team will always fight for the best possible resolution of the charge or charges against a client.

To schedule a free consultation with an experienced misdemeanor defense attorney, call 772-444-7000 if you are facing any misdemeanor charge in the Stuart area or the Treasure Coast region of Florida.