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Few things are more terrifying than the prospect of your child or grandchild facing criminal charges. When you need advocates who will assertively defend the rights of the minor you love, you can rely on us at Kibbey | Wagner. in Stuart.

We draw from our extensive background in criminal defense law to protect the rights of young people accused of crimes.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Jordan R. Wagner has seen the criminal justice system from the other side, including how the state approaches cases involving minors. He knows which steps to take and what to say to give your child a shot at a second chance, not incarceration.

How Does The Juvenile Justice System Work In Florida?

Say that law enforcement has detained your child. This is what will happen next:

  1. The police will take them to a juvenile assessment center.
  2. A juvenile probation officer will evaluate them and determine whether to detain or release them into their parents’ custody before their court appearance.
  3. The court will hold an adjudicatory hearing in which the court determines whether there is probable cause and whether to continue holding the minor.
  4. At this hearing, the juvenile must plead guilty or not guilty.
  5. If the juvenile pleads guilty, the judge will issue a sentence. If not, the case will proceed to a bench trial at a date in the near future.
How Does The Juvenile Justice System Work In Florida?

The process can feel overwhelming, particularly when you are handling the legal details while simultaneously maintaining your career and tending to your family. Our defense lawyers will guide you through the many steps, answer your questions and make sure your child has legal protection.

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The sooner you contact an attorney, the better. Immediately after you consult with Kibbey | Wagner, we can begin a defense strategy and get your child one step closer to a bright future.

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